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Riverina Boarding Kennels and Cattery


At our boarding kennel, we offer a dedicated Grooming Room where your furry friend can receive specialized grooming services. If your dog has a long coat or requires daily grooming, you may choose to add this service to your pet’s stay for an additional fee. For long stay canines, we offer complimentary weekly baths during Spring and Summer, and fortnightly baths during Autumn and Winter.

 We also offer a bottom or eye tidy service for long-haired pets upon request at drop off or at the time of booking. In addition, we provide nail trims starting from $20.00.

Not Boarding?

If you’re not boarding your pet with us, we offer a range of grooming services to meet your needs. Our services include:

  • full clips
  • sanitary clips
  • nails
  • wash & blow dry

Prices for full clips start from $79.50 for small dogs and from $96 for medium/large dogs $157. For matted clip and cut, prices start from $100.

We also offer a Wash and Blow Wave Daycare special where you can drop off your pet in the morning and pick them up at the end of the day (this service is only available for our regular daycare dogs):

  • Small dog $57.50
  • Medium dog $67.50
  • Large dog $87.50

(Price may vary due to coat type)

 For wash and blow wave services, prices start from:

  • $36 for small dogs,
  • $46 for medium dogs, and
  • $66 for large dogs.